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Who we are?


Hey there, thank you so much for stopping by. We at RiverWolf Ent take pride in capturing your most cherished moments and bringing them to life!

We are based in Northern Ontario.
We strongly believe that each moment is a gift.
Bringing our hearts, passion and creative minds together
we make sure you get the best possible services for your dollar.
We encourage you to let loose and be yourself.
helping you feel completely comfortable behind our lens every step of the way.


We love getting to know you as individuals and learning your stories.

We utilize this to translate them into your perfectly captured moments.

The shutter is our friend. We enjoy capturing candid and well orchestrated shots.

Starting in high school, we developed our love for photography and videography.

With over 15 years of experience, we bring different creative aspects which makes our company unique. Our photographs and videos help you celebrate your special moments for years to come!



1. Based in Sturgeon Falls, the river is what brings power to this beautiful city. Stretching all the way into lake Nipissing, it's the little river that feeds the big lake.

2. The wolf is even stronger in packs. Led by the alpha, these packs are hard to stop when banded together.

3.Entertainment - we do more than photography and videography.Also providing DJ services for events, a clothing line and website design, we cover a wide range of options.


Connect with us - we're excited to hear from you and what you have in store for us!
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